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Academic Honor Stoles - Graduation Stoles

What is an honor stole?

Like an honor cord, the honor stole (sometimes referred to as a sash) provides visual recognition of the graduate as someone who has reached and maintained a specific level of academic performance set by the awarding school, academy, college or university. Generally, honor stoles are manufactured of gold satin with the word HONOR screened or embroidered in black on one panel. The stole is draped over the back of the wearer's neck with each panel resting on the front of the graduation cap and gown.


What color is an honor stole?

The majority of honor stoles issued in the United States are bright gold satin. There is no rule or set protocol requiring the honor stole to be bright gold. It is not uncommon for a school to present honor stoles in a color that compliments or is in contrast to the color of the graduation cap and gown, or is representative of the official school colors. For example, a school outfitting graduates in blue and gold caps and gowns may have honor stoles of white satin with blue lettering. The school may add further customization to the stole such as adding the school crest or year of graduation to one of the panels.

Is the honor stole the same as a graduation stole?

A stole with the word HONOR is not the same as a graduation stole. Graduation stoles are an accessory that can represent various conditions such as membership in a specific academic or socially responsive organization, a fraternity or sorority, or academic team. The current trend to make graduation caps and gowns gender free by outfitting all students in the same color outfit has led to a movement to provide each graduate with a stole of contrasting color to the cap and gown. These stoles generally have the year of graduation screened on one panel and the school's initials, crest or mascot on the opposite panel.

Are honor stoles popular?

Yes, especially at the high school and academy level. Providing visual recognition of students who have worked their hardest to achieve a respectable level of academic performance continues to be a major component of the graduation ceremony.


Where can I purchase honor stoles?

There are a variety of online sources offering honor stoles.  However, most require high quantity minimum orders in order to receive a fair and reasonable price.  Additionally, many suppliers only provide honor stoles manufactured outside the United States in such nations as Mexico, China, India and elsewhere. Senior Class Graduation Products is a U.S. based supplier providing honor stoles made in the United States.  Senior Class Graduation Products offers honor stoles reasonably priced with no minimum quantities required for non-custom stoles. Discounts are automatically applied to all orders. Customers can also order stoles designed to meet their specific color and lettering needs.  Senior Class Graduation Products maintains a 20 plus year impeccable record of accuracy and efficiency in order fulfillment.  This company offers bright gold satin honor stoles with HONOR screened or embroidered in black.   Senior Class Graduation Products has a growing base of new and returning customers from individuals to high schools to small and large colleges and universities.  To see the full compliment of honor stoles available, click here: Senior Class Graduation Products.

Where can I purchase graduation stoles?

Like honor stoles, graduation stoles are available at Senior Class Graduation Products. Since this type of stole is formatted specifically for the school, college or organization, it is a custom order requiring a minimum of 10 stoles per style and about 4 to 5 weeks for production. Custom graduation stoles from Senior Class Graduation Products can be crafted using a wide variety of satin colors customized with your own design.

Honor Stole from Senior Class Graduation Products
graduation honor stole from Senior Class Graduation Products

TOP: Bright gold satin honor stole with HONOR screened in black. ABOVE: Example of honor stole in contrasting color to cap and gown.

red satin graduation stole from Senior Class Graduation Products

SHOWN ABOVE: Example of a graduation stole featuring the school's initials, year of graduation and the school mascot. This stole is designed to be worn by each member of the graduating class as part of their graduation cap and gown. In this case the school's colors are black and red. Custom graduation stoles are available in 24 colors of rich satin which can be complemented with lettering, mascot or school crest in a contrasting color.

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